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19880101 Self-focusing of an electromagnetic wave
19880701 The nanoworld hypothesis (sci.)
19880701 The nanoworld hypothesis (sci.) (DOS encoding)

19890112 Polyhedron-model made of rings formula
19890527 The number of points of contact. The skein curve
19890623 The structure of matter (sci.)
19890627 Interference in superconductors (sci.)
19890703 The photon as a spiroid of the first order (sci.)
19890808 Nanoworld by Egorov, Kozhevnikov, Kushelev (popular)
19890825 How the dragon-fly sees (popular)
19891029 The mathematics of vortex (sci.)

19900101 The semi-sector of a circle (popular)
19900309 Vortex (sci.)
19900310 Nanoworld and ball lightning (sci.)
19900315 A model of nanoworld's structure and other texts (edu.)
19900322 Hypothesizes of nanoworld structure (popular)
19900404 Nanospace and other texts (DOS encoding)
19900505 Nanoworld. The Power Engineering of the Future (popular)
19900603 How to bend time and to slow down spaceЕ (popular)
19900701 What is it that lands there (SF)
19901103 A photon's lifetime (sci.)

19910101 Poly-space (popular)
19910107 Stairs (SF)
19910113 Y.P. Trusov's seminar (popular)
19910130 Two lessons on nanoworld (edu.)
19910201 A scenario for "Obvious? Improbable!"
19910222 A reminder for the scientific conversation (popular)
19910306 On the nature of objects (poem)
19910307 3D objects (sci.)
19910323 Dependency of reaction ability on the pressure in the electron enveloping (sci.)
19910401 Circular structures (sci.)
19910403 Newtonian mechanics of micro- and naworlds (popular)
19910417 The Electron algorithm on the screen (sci.)
19910504 Physics (a textbook)
19910505 Terra incognita (popular)
19910507 A laser made ofЕa dragon-fly (popular)
19910619 Ribosome - a musical organ? (sci.)
19910622 Science plusЕ religion? (popular)
19910623 Ether-explorers? (popular)
19910624 Three-cycles, multi-two-cycles, spline-cycles (sci.)
19910629 How are the "living" molecules made (popular)
19910709 The geometry of atoms (popular)
19910715 Femtoscope (SF)
19910717 Teach me! (poem)
19910807 Toys for the adults (from the newspaper "Economics today and tomorrow, #1, August 1991, popular)
19910912 Nil love (SF)
19910922 Nanoworld and the rebirth of classical science (sci.)
19911011 Forms, mechanisms, energy of micro- and nanoworlds (popular)
19911017 Science returns to the classical ways (popular)
19911115 Molecules' private conference (popular)
19911209 Nanoworld, mandala and circle-sided atoms (popular)
19911210 The way into nanoworld
19911212 The forms of nanospace (popular)
19911215 The inner world of a fire ball (popular)
19911216 A gravitational flier's mechanism (popular)
19911220 Forms, mechanisms, energy of nanoworld (popular)
19911228 An interview with Kushelev (popular)
19911229 The mechanism of gravitation (sci.)

19920102 Nanoworld and the structure of nucleus (popular)
19920109 Composition table of genetic code (sci.)
19920124 Assembling algorithm of a protein molecule (sci.)
19920127 Parting ether (popular)
19920204 Table of genetic composition code (sci.)
19920211 Will there be science in Russia? (popular)
19920217 The mechanism of composition encoding (sci.)
19920302 The NANOWORLD software system (popular)
19920303 The NANOWORLD constructor (popular)
19920305 Atomic geometry (a textbook) (popular)
19920406 Picotechnology Laplace-style (popular)
19920514 Eve (SF)
19920725 The Nanoworld song (edu.)
19920810 Gravitation's mechanism (popular)
19920831 Picotechnology (a commercial proposal)
19920901 The problems of the "Nanoworld" laboratory (for a sponsor)
19920902 The "Nanoworld" research program (popular)
19920902aThe "Nanoworld" program (D.M. Kozhevnikov)
19920903 Let's make a UFO soupЕ (satire)
19920904 Extraterrestrial Maxwell's machines (popular)
19920905 Ether-dactyl (SF)
19920908 Forms, mechanisms and energy of nanoworld (popular)
19920909 Symmetry of information networks (sci.)
19920910 Neptune's trident (SF)
19920919 A. Kushelev's autobiography
19921022 Sharnet (SF)
19921029 The state of protein research in USA (sci.)
19921030 You see several generations of EM engines (popular)
19921108 The cell's world (popular)
19921113 The creator of Nature's laws (popular)
19921115 The flow of concepts (sci.)
19921122 I am resurrected (SF)
19921203 An experiment's chronicle (popular)
19921204 Why there was no Big Bang (popular)
19921212 Space technology for the young (popular)
19921215 The resonator of a fish wave (sci.)
19921216 Modern antennas' direction diagrams (sci.)
19921217 Papers' themes (sci.)
19921218 The method of testing the Neptune's trident (sci.)
19921224 The workshop (SF)
19921228 Worlds of programmed processes (SF)

19930105 Extraterrestrial Maxwell's machines (popular)
19930114 Tender project Nanoworld (popular)
19930125 Two electrons' interaction model (sci.)
19930211 Nanoworld: a commercial proposal
19930212 The history of the nanoworld model appearance (popular)
19930213 James Clarke Maxwell. Selected works (sci.)
19930219 Calculation of resonance frequencies for amino-acids (sci.)
19930414 The pyramid law (sci.)
19930518 The kinemators' ladder (SF)

19940213 Free electricity (popular)
19940425 Ether-dactyl (SF)
19940429 The bazaar of times (a fairy-tale)
19940431 Forms, mechanisms, energy of nanoworld (sci.)
19940435 5000 years of evolution of electro-magnetic technology (popular)
19940436 A review of the Nanoworld laboratory's work (popular)
19940437 Extraterrestrial Maxwell's machines #2 (popular)
19940438 Microwave engines (popular)
19940502 Picotechnology Laplace-style (popular)
19940515 Geron of Alexandria's chain (edu.)
19940516 A calculation of expenses
19940520 The musical foundation of the Creation (popular)
19940521 Atomic geometry (popular)
19940522 A text for firms on nanotechnology, biotechnology (an advertisement)
19940525 The element base of gods (popular)
19940526 Tridentification (popular)
19940527 A collection of tridents (sci.)
19940528 The solution for the mystery of the golden section (popular)
19940529 Engines of the gods (popular)
19940531 The ABC of picotechnology (popular)
19940602 Ornaments for IBM (DOS pseudo-graphics)
19940625 TRIDENTIFICATION a poll, a quiz, a game, a brain-storming
19940626 Geron of Alexandria's chain (edu.)
19940627 The musical foundation of the Creation (popular)
19940630 Assembly of Geron of Alexandria's chain (popular) (DOS)
19940631 How to do ring-sided computer models (DOS encoding)
19940634 Forms, mechanisms, energy of the nanoworld (sci.)
19940825 ...to the engines of gods
19940902 Calculation of resistance losses for energy source (sci.)
19940903 69 cubes of an energy source (DOS encoding)
19940904 Ornaments of the saints (DOS encoding)
19940905 The history of nanoworld's exploration (DOS encoding)
19940907 D-diagrams of plankvertors (DOS encoding)
19940908 Nanoworld - the way to the stars (popular)
19940910 How did life appear? (popular)
19940920 A technical explanation for the nanoworld project (popular)
19940926 Into the nanoworld, after the flying saucerЕ (popular)
19940927 The energy source's operation principle (sci. DOS)
19941001 Phonogram Geron's chain (popular)
19941002 Planning a university structure
19941003 The energy source's operation principle (DOS encoding)
19941004 A hypothesis: how life appeared (popular)
19941008 Technical characteristics (for a technical explanation) (popular)
19941113 Adjustment module (for the programmer)
19941118 Table of composition genetic code (sci.)
19941127 The Picotechnology project (sci.)
19941128 The structure of DNA (sci.) (DOS)
19941129 Correlation of compositions for amino acid remains (sci.)
19941130 Determining the secondary structure protein (popular)
19941201 Scientific directions of the Nanoworld laboratory
19941202 A table for biologists (popular)
19941204 The ABC of picotechnology
19941210 A paper for the "Bio-chemistry" magazine (sci.)
19941220 A story-lime for a popular documentary (sci.)
19941221 The Nanograph studio presentsЕ (popular)

19950130 A space collection (SF)
19950131 The Nanoworld hypothesizes system (popular)
19950202 I saw my future in someone else's past (popular)
19950203 Building a baroque-style spaceship (popular)
19950208 Technology of manufacturing EM processors (sci. DOS)
19950209 Motives of folk ornaments
19950211 Science plus religion (popular)
19950213 On angle trisection by K. Popov
19950214 On squaring the circle
19950215 A letter to Sergey Maslikov (sci.)
19950217 Picotechnology statistics (sci.)
19950219 "Secondary structure" software system (sci., DOS encoding)
19950224 A paper for the "Bio-chemistry" magazine (sci.)
19950225 Nanoworld opens doors (popular) (DOS encoding)
19950226 "The Roman Ornament" slide-film (DOS encoding)
19950227 "St. Nicholas's Cloak" and other slide-films (DOS pseudo-graphics)
19950228 Archimed's Spiral cartoon (DOS)
19950229 Ornaments for cartoons (DOS encoding)
19950230 Nanoworld dynamics (DOS encoding, cartoon)
19950231 Nanoworld dynamics-2 (DOS encoding, cartoon)
19950232 Working with 3D-Studio (edu)
19950233 Nanoworld opens doors (DOS encoding)
19950234 A paper for the Crystallography magazine (sci.)
19950235 Secondary structures of 10 well-known proteins (sci.) (DOS encoding)
19950301 An history of the Nanoworld idea system, scientific directions (popular) (DOS encoding)
19950302 Working with ANIMATOR 800*600 (sci.)
19950309 Plot for a film "Journey into Nanoworld" (sci.)
19950310 Forms, mechanisms, energy of nanoworld (sci.)
19950515 The mystery of radio waves' structure solved? (popular)
19950516 A letter to the programmer (sci.)
19950517 A letter to the programmer (sci.) (English translation)
19950518 Compact table of composition genetic code (sci.)
19950519 Construction of scale model of 3D-structure of albumen assisted genetic sequence. (науч).
19950521 Article topics (sci.)
19950530 A letter to Vladimir Mikhalkinski (sci.)
19950601 Parallel worlds (popular)
19950602 3D-Studio processes (edu.)
19950610 Arrows of time (popular)
19950620 Article topics (sci.)
19950621 Saint Nicholas, Feofan the Greek, the swastikaЕ (popular) (DOS encoding)
19950622 Virus symmetry, organ differentiation (popular)
19950623 7th overtone resonator (popular) (DOS)
19950624 Do you believe in God? (popular)
19950625 Lyuba's draft for the third series of "Molecule Music"
19950719 How to make a wireless energy source (popular) (DOS encoding)
19950720 What to do? (popular)
19950721 Engine evolution from RNA to poltergeist (sci.)
19950726 How I would write the Bible (popular)
19950728 50 billion years of evolution (popular)
19950801 The origin of life (a cartoon plot)
19950807 Experiments with nanoworld (sci. for the Physics magazine)
19950814 The bald monkey (a fairy-tale for I want to know it all)
19950817 An amphora out of microworld (popular)
19950819 The inquisitor (SF)
19950820 Religion's evolution (popular)
19950821 The world of illusions (popular)
19950823 The periodical system of Zeus (popular)
19950827 The arsenal of gods - in action (popular)
19950901 Themes for diploma works in the Nanoworld program
19950904 The hierarchy of concepts (popular)
19950906 The last flight (SF)
19950913 Classical mechanics of quantum objects (popular)
19950916 Advertisement of the Nanoworld and Picotechnology laboratories
19950917 Advertisement of the Nanoworld laboratory
19950921 A paper for the Biochemistry magazine with reviews (sci.)
19950922 A paper for the Biochemistry magazine (sci.)
19950922 A paper for the Biochemistry magazine (sci.) (DOS)
19950925 Aliens' Kusudams (popular)
19950926 What am I made of? (for the "And Why?" magazine)
19951001 Laser safety-vest (popular)
19951002 Antenna-engine (popular) (DOS)
19951003 Diffraction and holographic resonators (DOS encoding)
19951004 Subtitles for illustrations
19951005 A letter to Sergey Afonkin
19951015 Visit card, scientific directions, academy's structure (DOS encoding)
19951016 An ornament from the Hermitage (DOS pseudo-graphics)
19951101 On the 500th second from the blinking star (popular)
19951119 The N contract
19951120 The starship's electromagnetic propeller (popular) (DOS)
19951121 Steamship-car-plane-ethership (popular) (DOS)
19951129 Academy's structure

19960105 The "Nanoworld" system of ideas, scientific directions, history (DOS encoding)
19960119 Laser safety-vests of Kubera, Geser and others (popular)
19960121 What, how, why? (popular)
19960129 The eternal lamp and electricity out of nowhere (popular)
19960131 Miracles made of invar (popular)
19960201 Fulfilling a scenario
19960202 Resonance qualities of cult forms (sci.)
19960203 Principles of converting nanoworld energy (sci.)
19960204 Comparing resonators (sci.) (DOS)
19960205 What is nanoworld? (popular)
19960217 Instruction for Heron's chain (popular)
19960221 A letter for the editors (sci.)
19960222 Welcome the table! It has boiledЕ (Ogonyok magazine)
19960223 5 000 years of electromagnetic technology evolution TM N7 94y.
19960224 Geometrodynamics of DNA (popular) (DOS)
19960226 A ring to a ring - the whole world is seen (1994 у.)
19960227 Resonators on the domesЕ (1995 у.)
19960228 Angle's trisection. A paper for the magazine 1994 у.
19960229 The technology of making Heron's chain (popular)
19960230 How can one see the nanoworld? (News of VDNH N40, popular)
19960231 Curvy icosahedron (TM N1 1990 y., popular)
19960232 NANOWORLD. The Power Engineering of the Future
19960234 Cheap energy sources made of glass (popular)
19960301 Ceramic energy source (popular)
19960302 The tools for manufacturing an energy source (popular)
19960303 What engine does a UFO have? Levsha N2 1996 y.
19960310 Complex program "Automobile-97"
19960311 Modeling the microworld dynamics (sci.)
19960325 Moscow press-club Music of molecules (Moscow Life)
19960404 A dictionary on the Nanoworld thematic (popular)
19960406 The nanoworld encyclopedia (thematic tree) (for BINOM)
19960411 Microobject processor on the C programming language (sci.)
19960412 Kushelev demands the Nobel prize
19960413 The Nanoworld CD: forms, mechanisms, energy
19960427 Trinocular (SF)
19960429 An instruction for the pico-structure's constructor (popular)
19960503 Shaman (SF)
19960510 Ring-sided constructor with one's own hands (popular)
19960513 Coordinates (indices) of evolutionary table (sci.)
19960514 A program of developing energetics and transportation (popular)
19960516 Advertisement for a bank "Eralash"-style (popular)
19960518 Five-section of an angle (popular)
19960519 Trisecting the angle or a scientific joke? (popular)
19960530 Neptune's shell - an effective means of connection (popular)
19960612 A look from the future (popular)
19960620 Technology of energy sources' creation (popular)
19960621 A program of re-coding the genetic code
19960622 Self-coloring table cloth (popular)
19960623 Virus-sieve of the eternal lamp (popular)
19960624 The mystery of the pyramids (popular)
19960625 Two-form electron (popular)
19960630 How to turn times backwards and the space inside-out (popular)
19960708 The golden pyramid (SF)
19960716 Nanoworld. The theme structure. Epigraphs (popular)
19960806 A resort under the blue Sun (SF)
19960812 How to get lost in a labyrinth? (popular) (DOS)
19960901 Multi-polar antennas of the resonance type (sci.)
19960907 Technology of manufacturing the octahedral resonator (popular)
19960910 On the way to new energy sources (popular)
19960922 On the time machine to ancient Greece (SF)
19960924 Sapphire beads (popular)
19960930 Contract for selling a scientific accomplishment
19961001 The treasures of the whispering gallery
19961002 A text for the BINOM publishing house (popular)
19961010 A model of interacting electrons (sci.)
19961014 Program - film "The Virtual Nanoworld" (popular)
19961015 Algorithmic synthesizer of cult forms (sci.) (DOS encoding)
19961016 Roots of octagonal symmetry of ritual forms (popular)
19961025 A quartz ball with the quality 7 000 000 (popular)
19961029 A seminar in MSU. Theme: nanoworld's energy (sci.)
19961108 On the crystal stairs of the whispering gallery (popular)
19961110 Making a sapphire generator with one's own hands (popular)
19961112 The technology of growing a leiko-sapphire (popular)
19961116 The inner world of a sapphire bead (popular)
19961127 Thesis for a lecture on the Nanoworld topic (popular)
19961204 Thesis for the lecture on the biology conference (sci.)
19961207 Report on nanoworld in the State Duma (popular)
19961212 On rythmodinamics by Y.N. Ivanov (popular)
19961217 A letter to Steven Spielberg

19970109 A kilogram of brilliant generators (SF)
19970110 The musical foundation of the creation (a script)
19970111 Laser armor of the spirits of the Shaolin monastery (popular)
19970112 Genetic geometry, kinematics and dynamics (popular)
19970113 Algorithms of creation. Naturals and virtuals (popular)
19970114 Pleiads breaking the Einstein principle (popular)
19970115 How old is Jesus Christ? Arguments and facts
19970117 How was a starship repaired 250 years ago? (popular)
19970120 What do they look like, the strong people of the future? (popular)
19970121 Why did rococo starships become small? (popular)
19970122 Dubel technology of sapphire generators (popular)
19970124 Nuances of genetic geometry (popular)
19970127 Cut and slash the sapphire balls (popular)
19970128 The energy of a deformed river-bed (popular)
19970129 How to work in the music program fasttra...(edu.)
19970130 Pico-technology physics (popular)
19970201 Accomplishments and projects of the "Nanoworld" laboratories (popular)
19970202 A commercial proposal
19970209 The technology of manufacturing resonators (popular)
19970210 3rd mechanism of transforming nanoworld energy (popular)
19970211 CD-ROM "Made In Russia". A conception (popular)
19970214 T-radio (popular)
19970215 Technologies of the "Nanoworld" laboratory (popular)
19970220 Ultrasound technology of one second precision (popular)
19970221 Waste-free technology of one second precision (popular)
19970222 A brilliant cog-wheel instead of a lustre (popular)
19970223 Discoveries and perspectives of the Nanoworld laboratory (popular)
19970302 Iteration technology of microwave technics (popular)
19970304 Optic lines with frequency modulations (sci.)
19970305 Thermochemical processing of a diamond (popular)
19970309 Genetics of hierarchy of living processes (popular)
19970310 Resonator parameters (experiment, 06.03.97)
19970311 Virtual reality genes (genetic kinematics) (popular)
19970312 Process-model of electrons, neutrino, and quarksЕ (sci.)
19970313 Where is Hooke's law born? (popular)
19970315 A script request (for a director)
19970316 Technologies of the Nanoworld laboratory (popular)
19970317 Platinum - atom-lifting jack (popular)
19970318 "Genes of virtual reality" command system (sci.)
19970401 Genome of Mendeleev's table (popular)
19970402 Resonators of the whispering gallery can be made
19970403 Cutting a diamond with iron wire... (popular)
19970405 Scale-able (SF)
19970406 A thousand and one springs (SF)
19970407 Classifying resonators of high quality (sci.)
19970410 A lecture in MSU and MPU (sci.)
19970411 Secrets of tuning the sapphire lamp (popular)
19970423 How much money do you need for normal work? (popular)
19970424 Thesis for report on the 1st conference in MTSU (popular)
19970429 Systematizing electromagnetic resonators (sci.)
19970502 Monocrystal diffraction maser (popular)
19970506 Picotechnology of proteins on the base of GENETICS (for E. Nedelko) (DOS encoding)
19970507 Life between light and sound (popular)
19970508 Life between light and sound (popular)
19970510 Eternal fire (for the Ogonyok magazine) (popular)
19970520 Applying symmetry theory (sci.)
19970521 A paper in YT on the discoveries of the Nanoworld laboratory (popular)
19970525 Dielectric resonatorsЕ (sci.)
19970529 An experiment on 29.05.97 in MTSU laboratory (sci.)
19970606 A letter to Sergey
19970607 Angular lighthouse-reflectors (popular)
19970611 New generation microwaves (popular)
19970612 The Nanoworld laboratory production (popular)
19970616 Commercial proposals for an investor
19970620 Contract proposals
19970705 Stepanischev on Pekshev, Naumkin and Kushelev
19970706 A form for Naumkin
19970707 A trillion atoms for black light generator (popular)
19970806 Majestic-13 (SF)
19970816 God on the point of a quillЕ (popular)
19970818 The amazing Kushelev (an article in the Stolitsa magazine) (popular)(н/п)
19970822 How to make a microwave energy source. The eternal lamp
19970829 A letter to Vostrukhin (second take)
19970904 Report thesis for the 2nd Aerospace Congress (sci.)
19970905 Report on the 2nd Aerospace Congress (sci.)
19970907 401st (extrasensory) method of lawfully taking money from the population
19971028 Nano-island on Ramachandran's map (popular)
19971115 The around the world journey of the fallen angel (SF)
19971203 The length of catod rays (popular)
19971205 Experiments in MTSU and MEU (sci.)
19971207 The eternal candle (popular)

19980210 Phase decompression of whispering gallery modes (popular)
19980211 Energy out of cabochon (popular)
19980305 A letter to Vladimir Ilchenko
19980310 Glasses (a short SF story)
19980311 Quartz generators of optic diapason (sci.)
19980312 Perpetuum mobile for young technicians (satire)
19980315 Top hangs in mid-air (popular)
19980324 Polytechnology of manufacturing a sapphire generator
19980325 Equipment plan
19980326 Aviation: the past, the present, and the future (popular)
19980328 The mystery of omni-seeing eye (popular)
19980401 The sapphire ball experiment in MTSU (sci.)
19980404 Microwave energy sources (sci.)
19980408 Sapphire resonators. The tuning stage (sci.)
19980409 Sapphire generator (popular)
19980413 Ellipsoid dielectric generator (popular)
19980423 Thesis for the report on the 2nd MTSU conference (popular)
19980511 Choosing the technology for manufacturing a generator (popular)
19980513 Lens parameters (popular)
19980604 Lens and other resonator parameters (sci.)
19980824 Evolution tree for microwave generators (popular)
19980826 Globoid gears - rococo technology (popular)
19980907 Defense from gods' weaponry (popular)
19980907 Is Monomach's Hat heavy? (popular)
19980912 An explanation (for the sponsors)
19980913 Contract terms
19980914 Financing program
19980916 20th century Buratino (satire)
19980930 Fulfilled stages of nanoworld research (popular)
19981011 Machine for forming a precision axisЕ (popular)
19981012 Machine for fitting a ball to the inner thread (popular)
19981025 Forming a microwave generator (popular)
19981108 Dual, triple, polysystems (sci.)
19981110 Lens and other resonator parameters (sci.)
19981113 Kushelev's horoscope (popular)
19981114 Headless aura (satire)
19981115 Technical-economical explanation
19981117 Paper on torsor fields in the Ogonyok magazine (popular)
19981119 Forming the form (popular)
19981120 Luck's formula
19981121 The computer double (SF)
19981122 Parakas was hereЕ (popular)
19981125 A letter to Svetlana Ulogova
19981129 Letters to Alexander Davydov
19981130 Eternal beads (popular)
19981131 Impedance anisotropy (popular)
19981132 Scientific directions of the Nanoworld laboratory
19981201 Scientific directions of the Nanoworld laboratory
19981204 Advertisement for the Eastern souvenir store
19981205 Working on the encyclopedia
19981214 Laboratory proposal (for CB)
19981228 Academy member E.D. Schliefer's review (fragment)

19990106 Chevron trinity (popular)
19990104 We will fly from Earth in churches and pyramids (paper in the Ogonyok magazine N01-02, popular)
19990113 Quartz kebab... (popular)
19990114 Electromagnetron (popular)
19990117 Space station on magnet attachments (popular)
19990118 A letter to Vladislav (a potential sponsor)
19990120 An experiment in a home lab (sci.)
19990124 We will fly from Earth in churches and pyramids (Ogonyok) (popular)
19990125 Indians' thunderbirds (popular)
19990126 Did pharaohs enjoy Ilyich's lamp? (This could not be so)
19990202 Correspondence with V.S. Il'chenko (sci.)
19990211 Thesis for report in Krasnoyarsk STU (sci.)
19990214 Cinema school students on nanoworld
19990215 Ribosome will build the eternal lamp for us (popular)
19990216 Have you got? (advertisement)
19990217 Cinema school students on nanoworld (popular)
19990218 White spots on the nanoworld map (edited)
19990219 The Nanoworld research program
19990220 V. Heksli's saying (popular)
19990221 New technology and equipment... (popular)
19990222 A new kind of gear transmission (popular)
19990223 Documentation list
19990224 A commercial proposal
19990226 Spiral bead with the symmetry of 9 (popular)
19990227 Process constructors (popular)
19990228 Working with the bank of protein structures (sci.)
19990304 Mechanism of biological activity (popular)
19990315 Machine-99 (new technology realization) (popular)
19990321 Atom coordinates in amino acid remains (sci.)
19990322 Kushelev's gear transmission (advertisement)
19990324 From baroque resonators to rococo amplifier (slide-film)
19990325 Project for machine 114 with conic gears (popular)
19990327 Thesis for report on the 3rd ecological conference (sci.)
19990404 Kushelev's periodic table (popular)
19990405 Maxwell's model in Kushelev's retelling (TM)
19990406 Instruction for the chain of Heron of Alexandria
19990411 A letter to Eugene Nedel'ko (sci.)
19990420 Amino-acid atoms' coordinates (sci.)
19990427 Nanoworld and the perspectives of using its energy
19990428 See you again in the ether! (from the "Den'gi" magazine, 28 April 1999, N16, p. 53, popular)
19990504 A list of texts for translating into English
19990507 What is NANOWORLD and how to finance it (popular)
19990515 Acoustics-electronics-vichronics? (popular)
19990516 Presenting the Nanoworld encyclopedia on the Mayak radio-station
19990517 The mysteries of nanoworld (published on the server AIN 17/05/99)
19990518 The purple Gorynych (a fairy-tale)
19990519 The music of assembling the collagen protein's fragment
19990520 The table of code-remain-variant-frequency-note (sci.)
19990523 Violet riddle (popular)
19990526 Seven iterations of creating an energy source
19990603 Application for participation in a conference
19990605 Life's elements (popular)
19990607 From the trident to the fractal process generator
19990608 There are beads and beads... (popular)
19990609 Earth's absolute speed (popular)
19990611 How to make an energy source out of an electron? (sci.)
19990618 How the conversion program EMBL-PDB woks (filename.dne - filename.ent) (sci.)
19990619 Holographic aim (popular)
19990620 Compact EMBL-PDB converter on the Java programming language (sci.)
19990621 Does an extraterrestrial Maugli live on our planet?
19990622 Letters to Eugene Nedel'ko (sci.)
19990623 Description of the protein program's algorithms (sci.)
19990704 Letters to G.V. Nikolaev (sci.)
19990705 Road traffic rules for microwave aviation (popular)
19990711 Correspondence with V.V. Studennikov (sci.)
19990712 Developing ecologically pure microwave energy sources (sci.)
19990713 Key experiments in creating a microwave energy source (popular)
19990713AA history of creating chemical sources of energy
19990717 Life designer
19990801 Thesises on Resource-saving and ecological safety (sci.)
19990808 Advertisement for firms dealing with proteins
19990809 A proposal from Gennady Potapenko
19990810 A plan of financing an energy source
19990811 An outline of encyclopedia work for Sergey Polischuk
19990812 A letter to Peter Garyaev (sci.)
19990814 On Polyakov's gravitoniks
19990815 A commercial proposal
19990816 A newspaper classified
19990817 Everyone into the Net! - an interesting article on e-business (Money magazine)
19990818 The Nanoworld club. The guest book.
19990819 A letter from Vladimir Loginov with firms' e-mail addresses
19990820 A fragment of the article in the UFO magazine
19990822 Prions (sci.)
19990823 An Internet-store
19990825 Swiss world
19990826 Swiss standard projects
19990826l e-mail addresses of potential buyers for the protein software program
19990828 On B. Kaleganov's and V. Zhvirblis's articles (popular)
19990829 Octahedric reduction machine (popular)
19990830 What is nanoworld (popular)
19990831 A letter from Nikolaev
19990831 Curious text from the Young Technician magazine (DOS)
19990832 A list of addresses of firms dealing with proteins found in the Internet
19990833 A text for bio-firms
19990834 The gist of nanoworld
19990901 Prions
19990904 Moscow government's server
19990905 Registration of intellectual property
19990906 Rebuilding science and London King's Society (popular)
19990909 Calculations and schemes for octahedric machine and reductor
19990906 Rebuilding science and London King's Society (popular)
19990912 Anatomy of the Nanoworld encyclopedia (sci.)
19990918 Searching for pseudo-graphical symbols
19990919 Compact picture for the energy source part
19990920 Compact animation
19990928 Alexey Maxur answers Kushelev's questions (second letter)
19990929 Calculating the economic effect (popular)
19990930 A classified. Investment search managers...
19991001 A letter from a Voronezh plant
19991002 News department
19991004 Arithmetic paradoxes. Is two times two always four? (popular)
19991007 An agreement FO (for) collaboration and income distribution
19991009 Interesting links
19991010 Correspondence with Stanislav Kravchenko
19991010 Correspondence with Stanislav Kravchenko 2
19991016 Is there magic in MAGEOME? (article in the Young Technician magazine N4 1999у)
19991017 Mageom. Secrets and puzzles. (special edition)
19991020 The first stage of financing (for a potential investor)
19991021 Stan Williams's nanoworld
19991022 General stereochemical genetic code (Mekler, Idlis)
19991023 Correspondence with Lyuba Brovina
19991024 On Mekler and Idlis's article
19991025 Correspondence with Victor Feodosievich
19991026 Correspondence with Sergey Medvedev
19991027 Letters to Alexander Davydov 2
19991028 Mailing list
19991029 Thesis for Science and Technology conference
19991030 Y.N. Ivanov and his accomplishments (popular)
19991031 What is aura... (popular)
19991032 Starting the perpetuum mobiles is scheduled for October 32 (popular)
19991033 Advertising company
19991103 Addresses of organizations, connected with proteins
19991104 Articles...
19991105 Scenario for transferring Extra-UFO
19991107 An example of a business proposal from the American Syndicate (English) (Русский)
19991110 Plan-schedule of working on creating a microwave engine
19991112 On X-ray structure analysis's precision
19991114 Correspondence with Dmitry Dolgoborodov
19991115 Correspondence with Semen Snizhetsky
19991117 Addresses of laboratories making X-ray structure analysis (CASP3 table)
19991118 Work group
19991119 Commercial proposal
19991120 Protein structure sites http://www.expasy.ch/alinks.html
19991128 Fractal technologies of modeling reality (sci.)
19991216 Nano-video archive contents
19991215 Eugene Nedel'ko made an Excel table for the CASP program
19991218 Force positioning in an engine. Fish bubble of flaming gothics (popular)
19991219 Scientific work in Bauman's MTSU (sci.)
19991227 Creative plans

20000109 International nanoworld mini-conference
20000119 A letter to the editor of Vacuum Solutions
20000122 Past-Future conference(popular)
20000124 Contract project
20000125 A machine
20000126 Non-linear space transformations (popular)
20000128 Symmetrical matter processing-mechanisms (popular)
20000129 Application fields for symmetrical mechanisms (popular)
20000131 Paper for Molecular Biology magazine (sci.)
20000201 How is levitation fabricated... (popular)
20000203 Musical law of mathematical biology (popular)
20000204 Mathematical apparatus of the nanoworld (popular)
20000205 Evolution of weight category system (popular)
20000220 Vladimir Stepanov on the gravitational drift law (a letter)
20000223 Fractal mechanism (popular)
20000224 Plans
20000311 Kushelev's UFO (popular)
20000330 Tuning the ellipsoid resonator on the magnetron frequency (sci.)
20000331 Developing ecologically pure microwave energy sources (popular)
20000401 Tuning the ellipsoid resonator on the magnetron frequency (sci.)
20000409 Why doesn't the eternal lamp work? (popular)
20000411 New resonator types
20000426 Nikolaev's scalar force (popular)
20000500 Pisarzhevsky's commercial server
20000504 DNA - Maxwell's demon (popular)
20000509 Building a scale model of protein space structure...
20000509 A paper for the Biochemistry magazine (sci.)
20000526 Formogram - event processor (popular)
20000530 Microwave armor on brilliant framework (popular)
20000604 Information for sponsors
20000607 Ideas on mathematical modeling (letter of A. Ivako, sci.)
20000621 Orthodox cross - a source of eternal energy (popular)
20000705 How to break a laser safety-vest (popular)
20000707 The golden milliard is doomed... (popular)
20000710 I was at a UFO's wheel (popular)
20000714 Technology of forming symmetrical surfaces (popular)
20000718 Return of the fallen angel (SF)
20000720 Extraterrestrial males hide in the wombs of Е extraterrestrial females (popular)
20000721 White stripe on the blue sky (popular)
20000724 6D steering wheel (popular)
20000730 Ether-dactyl 2 (SF)
20000815 On the age of immortality (popular)
20000822 Nanoworld and sacred energetics (popular)
20000825 Microwave energy sources and engines
20000902 The resonance of four (popular)
20000906 Three-eyed infant (A&F News)
20000907 Registration of the Nanoworld encyclopedia
20000909 Microwave engine (published)
20001011 Music of living cell (for the CP magazine, popular)
20001015 A new perspective (popular)
20001016 Technology for creating an energy source with the power of 10 tera-Watts per cubic cm. (popular)
20001018 Material for an article in the Marie Claire magazine (popular)
20001021 Discovering diffraction properties of Kubera's laser safety vest
20001028 Polyoptical systems (popular)
20001107 Commercial plans
20001117 Bead structure parameters (sci.)
20001126 How to light the eternal lamp in the optic diapason (popular)
20001127 Energy source in the optic diapason (popular)
20001128 International competition "Nanoworld"
20001209 Nominal machine row for the nominal resonator row (popular)
20001210 Monoresonance systems (popular)

20010107 Correspondence with Alexander Grebennikov
20010108 Correspondence with Nizhade-Gavgani
20010109 Correspondence with a potential sponsor
20010110 Letters to Lena Guntik
20010111 Paper mail correspondence (popular)
20010112 Protein competition (sci.)
20010112 Correspondence with the protein competition organizer (sci.)
20010112 Reflection of the key evolution points matrix (sci.)
20010114 What do silent genes think? (popular)
20010115 Training machines for UFO pilots (popular)
20010116 A journey to the centre of the spiritual world (popular)
20010117 The marriage of the future (the Family newspaper)
20010119 Operation system of reversed time (popular)
20010120 An appeal to an extraterrestrial investor (popular)
20010121 X-ray energy source made of superconducting ceramics (sci.)
20010125 Correspondence with Stanislav Kravchenko
20010127 Axis-less gear transmission (popular)
20010131 Multi-dimensional motion transformers (popular)
20010202 Spiral and toroidal spaces (sci.)
20010207 Physicists do not believe in miracles. Arguments and facts
20010208 The language of living molecules (popular)
20010209 Evaluating warmth quantity (sci.)
20010210 The flying saucers chief (the Family newspaper)
20010211 A textbook for geniuses (popular)
20010212 3D beads structure of the energy source (popular)
20010214 The Nanoworld encyclopedia and the perspectives of educational developments (popular)
20010215 Super-high quality one-mode resonators with broad transformation diapason (advertisement)
20010217 Structuring the real world and fractal digitizers (popular)
20010218 How can one live faster? (popular)
20010219 O. Safonov's nanoworld site (http://olarts.by.ru)
20010220 Nanoworld guidebook from O. Safonov's site
20010221 Magnetron, amplitron and the traveling wave tube (popular)
20010222 Symmetry group of crystal-like radio-ether (popular)
20010224 Why do geniuses bear ordinary kids and how to correct this? (popular)
20010226 Alexander Kushelev, a physicist (Marie Claire magazine, N2 (34) March 2001)
20010227 Technology of manufacturing sapphire lenses for laser tomographs and miscroscopes
20010228 Why does the electron have semi-integer spin and the photon an integer one? (popular)
20010301 Correspondence with the German firm Impex High-Tech
20010302 Correspondence with Rose Idlis (BioCode Technologies LTD firm (Israel))
20010305 Correspondence with the editors of the Scientific Exploration magazine
20010307 An experiment with the angular engine (popular)
20010313 Energy out of ether (automobile newspaper "Klakson")
20010322 Expenditures estimate for starting the energy source (a fragment)
20010404 Gear transmission with eccentricity switch
20010410 Programs for creating beads structure for 3D-Studio Max
20010411 Programs for creating nano- and picoworlds structures for 3D-Studio Max
20010413 Poster for the new nanoworld site (O. Safonov's project)
20010417 A letter to Sergey Polischyuk
20010418 Poster for the new nanoworld site (Grebennikov's project)
20010421 Programs for creating ornaments for 3D-Studio Max
Correspondence with Victor Hrechko
20010423 Ultrasonic machine with 5 degrees of freedom (popular)
20010424 List of machinery necessary for creating an energy source
20010427 New stage of the international Nanoworld competition
20010428 A letter to the organizer of the CASP competition (protein structure prediction)
20010429 Programs for creating nano- and picoworlds structures for 3D-Studio
20010501 An auction of a scientific project with the economic effect of 10 to the power of 15 $
20010502 Programming structures (Scripts for 3D-Studio)
20010511 The Nanoworld exhibition
20010512 A letter from a Programmer
20010521 Continuation of testing the chevron engine
20010527 Microwave engine: step one (Sergey Zakharov)
20010531 A letter from Vladimir
20010532 A letter from Sergey from Chicago
20010533 A letter from Sergey
20010534 A letter from the protein competition organizers
20010604 A book on nanoworld
20010615 A letter from Nadezhda from the USA
20010616 An invitation for the exhibition of Russia's intellectual property EXHIBITION
20010619 A catalog of spherical resonators
20010620 Correspondence with Sergey Tevilin
20010621 A competition for the creators of the Life's Constructor game
20010622 A new version of the Protein Picotechnology software program
20010623 Projects and products of the Nanoworld laboratory (give-outs)
20010624 A catalogue of family photo-albums
20010625 Radiosex (SF)
20010630 Exhibition: Russia's intellectual property
20010631 Nanoworld: Russia's intellectual property
20010708 Algorithm of creating a 3D Studio script for building protein molecules
20010709 3D Studio capabilities mastered in the process of working on the Casp3 software program
20010713 Chevron engine - a microwave miracle or an experiment by Lebedev (sci.)
20010718 Terawatt continuous action laser instruments (sci.)
20010719 Corpuscularisation mechanism (sci.)
20010726 Gear transmission on Baromeo circles (popular)
20010727 Octahedral matreshka-reductor (popular)
20010728 A project of an energy source in the 5 cm. Diapason (sci.)
20010801 Calculating the Ampere force in the chevron engine (sci.)
20010802 Evaluating the working frequency of beads structure (sci.)
20010807 The researchers of nitrate and radioactive products are studied in the Nanoworld laboratory (popular)
20010808 Peter Garyaev vs. the human genome (popular)
20010812 Creative plans (sci.)
20010821 Is it possible to make an X-ray Internet ball out of Earth? (popular)
20010822 White laser (popular)
20010827 Is it possible to make a matter-creating tablecloth on W-bosons? (sci.)
20010905 A program for modeling polyform electrons (sci.)
20010906 Theoretic basis for creating a beads sapphire engine (sci.)
20010907 A machine for creating spherical sapphire resonators out of sapphire (popular)
20010908 Machine for making precise holes (popular)
20010909 A working vacation (popular)
20010920 The Young Power Engineer constructor (edu.)
20010921 Machine and technology for fitting the thread on toroidal surfaces (popular)
20010922 Beads structure of the second kind (popular)
20010923 Using ball-bearing technology for sapphire resonators
20010928 Renaissance-style resonance (popular)
20010929 Zonal structure of milk beads (popular)
20010930 Mastering the inner energy of radio-ether - a way to decentralize energetics (thesis)
20010931 Mastering the inner energy of radio-ether - a way to decentralize energetics (report)
20011001 Materials for the conference in Nizhny Novgorod (sci.)
20011006 Color combination table
20011007 The quirks of beads structure (popular)
20011008 Dmitry Kozhevnikov and his accomplishments (sci.)
20011009 Machines for creating and drilling spherical resonators (popular)
20011010 Nominal ball row for butt-end bearings (sci.)
20011011 Beads structure with picoworld structure symmetry (popular)
20011013 Java-scripts (a new encyclopedia section)
20011014 Presenting the Nanoworld encyclopedia in the artist centre
20011017 Creating a bead structure cell for 34.00 GHz (sci.)
20011022 Projects and products of the Nanoworld laboratory
20011023 Project N9 A microwave energy source
20011024 CD-ROM orders: the Nanoworld encyclopedia
20011025 Ecologically pure microwave energy source (published)
20011027 A plan for poligraphic and electronic scientific and popular publications
20011028 How to keep one's health (advice for housekeepers)
20011029 A program for testing "Bead structure cell" resonator (sci.)
20011030 On Christianity's evolution (Brokhaus and Effron)
20011031 Calculating traction force for cross-engine (sci.)
20011032 Flying avia-model by Sergey Zakharov (popular)
20011124 Correspondence with A. Zubov
20011125 Correspondence with V.V. Kotenko
20011126 Beads on white (slide-film)
20011127 Passed stages of testing the microwave engine (popular)
20011128 LegoNan constructor: taking the Lego constructor's restrictions off (popular)
20011130 Eternal TV-set for lighting the building (popular)
20011201 Working on the CASP-Delphi program (sci.)
20011202 Working on the CASP-Script program (sci.)
20011205 How to write information on DNA? (sci.)
20011214 A method for ring-sided models (edu.)
20011216 International competition Nanoworld-2002 (popular)
20011220 A letter to Eugene Nedel'ko
20011225 Beads on black (slide-film)
20011230 Model of elementary particles interaction (sci.)
20011231 How scientific discoveries are made (popular)
20011232 Beads chevron-engine (popular)
20011233 Correspondence with Alexander Soroka
20011234 Alphabet's evolution. Where's the limit? (popular)
Contents of Next

Contents of the Nanoworld disk N2


	Lina Guntik
	Olga Dore
	Alexander Soroka
	Trubchevski planetarium
	Vladimir Zubov
	Eugene Shumilov
	Alexander (inventions inculcation)
	L.B. Meckler and P.L. Chervonobrodov (part 1, part 2)
	Sergey Medvedev
	Vadim Chuev
	Anastasia Anashkina
	Valerian Sobolev
	Sergey Godin

020100 A New Year in the Nanoworld laboratory (mpeg-1, htm)
020101 Virtual bio-constructor (mpeg-4, jpg, htm)
020102 How to make models out of rings (mpeg-4, jpg, htm)
020103 Experimental discovery of resonance cohesion (mpeg-4, htm)
020104 Kulibin's technodrome (mpeg-1, htm)
020105 You can do this (mpeg-1, htm)
020106 An experiment with the engine (mpeg-1, htm)
020107 Cutting the tread on a crystalline ball (mpeg-1, htm)
020108 Measuring lens's quality in liquid nitrogen (mpeg-1, htm)
020109 UFO video-records (mpeg-1, htm)
020110 My family (mpeg-4, htm)
020111 Flying out of the galaxy (mpeg-4, htm)
020113 Space mechanics of bead structures (htm, jpg)
020114 Program of development "Modern highly effective sources of secondary electric feeding for radio-transmitting devices" (A. Polischyuk) (doc, txt, jpg)
020115 ATF, DNA, RNA, DNA super-spiral (htm, jpg, mpeg-4)
020116 Fractal reductor (htm, jpg, mpeg-4, max)
020117 Rubber gears with two degrees of freedom (jpg, mpeg-4, max)
020118 Fractal octahedral reductor (jpg, mpeg-4, max)
020119 Beads on black-2 (jpg)
020120 The failure of classical physics (Arguments and Facts)
020121 Example for stamping amino-acid remains
020122 Lyubov' Kusheleva demonstrates+
020123 Chinese Nanoworld (gif, htm)
020124 Amino-acid model for manufacturing on a CNC machine (gif, max, ms)
020125 A new standard for protein secondary structure (htm, gif)
020126 Dzhabrail Baziev and his positive light (htm)
020127 A list of ensembles (performers) on midi.com (htm)
020128 Beads on black-3 (htm, gif)
020129 On vacuum and ether. Vadim Chuev (htm, gif)
020130 Six- and other multi-facets by Kushelev (popular) (htm, gif)
020131 Magic kaleidoscope (htm, gif)
020132 Symbols (htm)
020133 Diagrams of directions for angel communication antennas (popular) (htm, jpg)
020134 Manufacturing a bead structure cell for 9.3 GHz (htm, jpg)
020135 TV-programs on Nanoworld 2002 (htm, mpeg-4)
020136 L.B. Mekler predicts and+ is mistaken (htm, gif)
020137 Crane dances of the aliens (htm)
020138 A soul's cry out of the depths of centuries (htm)
020139 Traces on the margins - footprints of microwave technology (htm, gif)
020201 Barnaza and binaza (same form, different codes)
020202 The flight continues (SF, Sergey Zakharov)
020203 Thick structure of the electron (htm, mpeg4)
020204 Pekshev, a sponsor, in the Nanoworld laboratory (htm, jpg)
020205 Laser defense of the energy source (htm, jpg)
020206 Aliens at work (htm, jpg)
020207 Radio-ether's symmetry groups (R.V. Galiulin) (htm, jpg)
020208 Systematizing symmetrical mechanisms (R.V. Galiulin, A.Y. Kushelev) (htm, jpg)
020214 Alexander Nikonov in the secret Nanoworld laboratory (htm, jpg)
020217 Lissazhu's figures and Kushelev's figures on the sphere (ms, htm, jpg, mpeg4, max)
020218 Journey 20020218 (htm, jpg)
020219 Publication on the server (htm, jpg)
020220 Discovering the resonance of the three in the virtual world (htm, jpg)
020221 A New Year present for the humanity (htm, jpg)
020222 RIA reports news about creating an energy source
020224 Ponder-fliers and energy converters (htm, gif, jpg)
020225 Chevron evolution (htm, jpg)
020226 A.P. Serdechnyi on relativity theory (htm)
020227 What is written about Kushelevs in the Internet (htm, jpg)

Contents of the Nanoworld disk N3

	7 disks "Engravings" (Internet-version)

	Music in the MIDI standard (25 000 pieces)


	Tosha (cont-d)
	Kiselev on the origins of Kushelev's surname
	Zhuk Sergiy
	Vadim Chuev
	Vitaly Dugin
	Sergey Popper
	Valery Dudyshev
	Igor Khmurov
	Stanislav Zavalov
	Sergey Zakharov
	Daniel Fischer
	Georgiy Ivanov
	Vladimir Zubov (cont-d)
	Lina Guntik (cont-d)
	Eugene Nedel'ko (cont-d)
	Alexander Soroka (cont-d)

020228 Vladimir Zubov, Vasily Belyaev in the Nanoworld Laboratory (htm, jpg)
020229 Generator of precision resonators and generators (htm)
020230 A modern emblem (htm, gif)
020231 Vladimir Zubov's models (htm, jpg)
020232 Three-dimensional constructors (htm, jpg)
020233 Mars map (jpg)
020234 Characteristics of impulse magnetrons, manufactured by OAO "Pluto" (htm)
020305 Microworld processes model (Sergey Zakharov)
020306 Making a "4" 14.745 mm cell (htm, jpg)
020307 Beads on black-4 (htm, jpg)
020308 Resonance of "four, three, two and one" (htm, jpg)
020309 Discussing the nanoworld in the Internet (htm)
020310 Comparing crop signs with ancient ornaments (htm)
020311 A constructor of microworld processes (htm, jpg)
020312 Virtual cinema perspectives (htm, jpg)
020313 D.N. Kozhevnikov and his accomplishments (htm, jpg, mpeg4)
020314 G.P. Ivanov and his accomplishments (htm, jpg)
020314 When reality reveals its mysteries... (htm, jpg)
020315 Virtual quest for bead structures (htm, jpg)
020316 Ready to fly? It's a fortnight till April 1st... (htm, jpg)
020325 What is written about Kushelevs in the Internet (cont-d) (htm, jpg)
020326 Nanoworld in the Internet (htm, jpg)
020327 Nanoworld in the Internet (cont-d) (htm, jpg)
020329 An experiment with a bead structure cell (htm, jpg)
020330 "Archimedes-2002" exhibition(htm, jpg)
020401 Second experiment on starting the energy source (jpg)
020402 A project of contract with a Chinese STC (htm)
020409 Manufacturing a device for starting a sapphire generator (htm, doc)

Contents of the Nanoworld disk N4

2.27 min Большая композиция
2 min Новогодняя композиция
2 min Летающий волчок
19 min Путешествие в наномир (первая серия)
20 min Путешествие в наномир (вторая серия)
35 min Музыка молекул (2 серии)

Азбука пикотехнологии

5 min Формы простых и сложных молекул
4 min Формы аминокислот
2 min Альфа-, бета- и кси-структура белка
1 min Белок, построенный по генетическому коду
2 min Механизм рибосомы

 Анимация в стандарте MPV

Стереопары см. в каталоге STEREO

Contents of the Nanoworld disk N5

Music in the MIDI standard (50 000 new pieces)


	Burkhard Rost (CASP)
	George Ivanov (cont-d)
	Alexander Soroka (cont-d)
	Alexander Polischyuk
	Giya (George)
	Sergey Polischyuk
	Ivan Dyba
	Anthony Martin
	Grigoriy Pavlov
	Timur Yunosov
	Lyuba Kusheleva
	Sergey Pisarzhevsky
	Alexander Davydov
	Pavel Chervonobrodov (L.B. Meckler)
	Alexander Nikonov
	Olga Golubeva
	Vadim from Kiev
	"Airpractice" group
	Judith Harvey
	Dmitry Zhilyaev
	Dmitry Kozhevnikov
	Ileana Popescu
	Vitaly Medvedev
	Yuri Ivan'ko
	Olga Dore
	A&F editors
	F. Tikhanov
	Victor Mogilensky
	Vladimir Zubov (cont-d)
	Mikhail Dmitriev
	Stas Kuznetsov (cont-d)
	Vladimir Krest'yaninov
	Oleg Safonov
	Sergey Berezin
	Maxim Korovainiy
	Valentin Yakim (cont-d)
	Sergey Medvedev (cont-d)
	Evgeny Nedel'ko (cont-d)
	Vladimir Karagusov
	Ilya Sukharev
	Egor Gladnikov (Snowden)
	Evgeny Almazov
	Stein (cont-d)
	Lena Guntik (cont-d)
	Ivan Kushelev (cont-d)
	Syed Manzar
	and others

	CD-attachments (Last:20021021)
	New projects (31,32,33)

020428 Analogous model of the nanoworld structure (htm, jpg)
020518 Planar technology of manufacturing energy sources of optical and warmth diapasons (htm, jpg)
020519 Optical and x-ray energetics (htm, jpg)
020520 Microwave wings of the gods (htm, jpg)
020521 The Nanoworld exhibition in the third millennia (htm, jpg)
020522 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (htm, jpg)
020523 Sapphire glassier and microwave energetics (htm)
020525 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (cont-d)
020527 Thread lasers and X-ray and Gamma- diapasons communication lines (htm)
020528 Article on the microwave energy source is given the prize of SciTecLibrary.com (htm)
020530 Testing U-like engine (htm)
020603 Georgiy Ivanov in the secret Nanoworld laboratory (htm,gif)
020607 Technology of individual ether-navigation (htm,jpg)
020610 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (cont-d-2)
020611 What is Earth's absolute velocity? (htm)
020612 Kushelev's speeches on the forum of SciTecLibrary.com (htm)
020624 Monocrystallic engines (htm,jpg)
020625 Army reform. Where does the lack of legality end? (htm,jpg)
020705 The Indians' chevrons (htm, jpg)
020706 An excursion into t. Trubchevsk (htm, jpg) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (htm, jpg)
020716 Hyper-light. Approaches to ultra-light communications (sci.) (htm)
020717 Measuring reaction-less force. Georgiy Ivanov (doc)
020723 Gods' pendulums. (sci.) (htm)
020725 Discussing the test of the sapphire engine (htm)
020726 Communication means of the gods (popular) (htm)
020729 The sapphire engine (Calculation) (htm)
020731 An experiment with the sapphire engine (htm)
020809 A miracle (SF) (htm)
020810 New projects (31,32,33) (htm)
020826 Pomegranate engine of the second generation (slide-film) (htm,jpg)
020829 Beads on black-4 (htm,jpg)
020903 Preparing the pomegranate engine for the tests (htm,jpg)
020908 Manufacturing a pomegranate engine for the 15 GHz diapason (htm,jpg)
020909 Magnetic games (popular) (htm,jpg)
020910 Comparing crop signs with ritual-magic forms (htm,jpg)
020911 Yuri Ivanov in Nanoworld summer laboratory (htm,jpg)
020912 How to light the eternal lamp dirt-cheap? (htm,jpg)
020913 Cast-iron fence in t. Dmitrov (htm, jpg)
020914 Concise physics reference book. A.Y. Gridasov (doc) 0.6Mb
020915 Trubchevsk crosses (htm,jpg)
020916 Renewing the technological archive (htm)
020918 Indians' chevrons again... (htm, jpg)
020927 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (Fire...) (htm, jpg)
020929 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (Lyuba and the goats...) (htm, jpg)
021001 Bead structure cell in liquid nitrogen (htm, jpg)
021005 Sex-training hall (SF) (htm, jpg)
021006 Why cannot the eternal lamp be lighted dirt-cheap? (htm, jpg)
021007 Rococo-style resonator in liquid nitrogen (htm, jpg)
021008 Two more resonators in liquid nitrogen (htm, jpg)
021009 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (The summer's over...1) 2 3 4 5 6) (htm, jpg)
021017 Evolutionary Reality Standard ERS (htm)
021018 Alexander Soroka's experiment with pomegranate engine (htm,gif)
021019 Manufacturing bead structure cells for 15 GHz (htm,jpg)
021020 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (Hello, Moscow!) (htm,jpg)
021023 Sergey Polischyuk NIRS 5 6 7
021024 Energy source (sciteclibrary) (htm,gif)
021025 Pomegranate engine experiment in Kiev (htm,jpg)
021026 Domino effect IBM (htm,jpg,wmv)
021027 An interesting bit of news from across the border (htm)
021029 Manufacturing bead structure cells for 15 GHz (htm, jpg)
021030 Uniting the real and the virtual worlds (htm, jpg)
021101 How the Egyptian pyramids were built (a letter to the editors of A&F) (htm, jpg)
021102 The blue mirror of the energy source (htm, jpg)
021103 Crop signs - the traces of UHF-technology?...1 2 3 4 5 (htm, jpg)
021104 Investor's opinion of the Microwave Energy Source project
021105 Did the eggheads fly to our planet? (htm, jpg)
021106 Preparing for starting the sapphire generator (htm, jpg)
021107 Hello, dacha in Moscow (htm, jpg)
021109 The Nanoworld winter laboratory (htm, jpg)
021110 A flying saucer photo. NASA archive 1947y. (htm, jpg)
021111 The energy of union... (htm, jpg)
021112 Historic UFO evidence (htm, jpg)
021113 The mechanism for crop signs appearance (htm, jpg, mov)
021115 The secret meeting of Alexander Soroka with Alexander Kushelev (htm,jpg)
021115 From the life of Lyuba Kushelev (merry-go-round htm,jpg)
021125 A hot topic on SciTecLibrary.com
021126 A walk. Sergey Medvedev (SF)
021127 Stas Kuznetsov in the Nanoworld laboratory (htm, jpg)
021128 From the life of Lyuba Kushelev (Walk and chin-up bar)(jpg, htm)
021129 From the life of Lyuba Kushelev (Sister Nadya came is visiting)(jpg, htm)(jpg, htm)
021203 Sergey Pisarzhevsky (jpg, htm)
021204 Preparing the experiment for 15 GHz (jpg, htm)
021205 Form, mechanisms and the energy of the nanoworld (Electronics magazine) (jpg, htm)
021206 Curved disks, programs and firms...(htm)
021207 "Supportless motion " on SciTechLibrary.com (htm)
021208 "Maxwell's gear model " on SciTechLibrary.com (htm)
021209 "The Nature of Matter " on SciTechLibrary.com (htm)
021210 Vasily Padin and his accomplishments (htm, jpg)
021211 The form of microwave boiler (htm, jpg)
021212 Valentin Yakim in the Nanoworld laboratory (jpg, htm)
021213 How to feel the resonance of the whispering gallery " (MPEG-4, jpg, htm)
021214 A video-letter to Alexander Soroka (MPEG-4, jpg, htm)
021215 A letter from Lena Guntik (jpg, htm)
021217 Kushelev's speeches on the forum of SciTecLibrary.com (htm)
021218 Maxwell's model on the scales of history (jpg, htm)
021221 Einstein was wrong about history?! (htm)
021222 Flying saucers' mechanics (htm)
021223 Scientists recorded information on a molecule (jpg, htm)
021224 Life appearance nuances (William Martin, Michael Russell)(jpg, htm)
021225 Alexander Kushelev visits Alexander Polischyuk (jpg, htm)
021226 "Inventors' problems " on SciTechLibrary.com(htm)
021227 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (spoon and ladder) (MPEG-4, jpg, htm)
021228 A selection of ornaments from the "Vedi" site (gif, jpg, htm)
021229 Money cannot be found on thoroughfares? (htm)
021230 On cloning (SciTechLibrary.com)(jpg, htm)
021231 Practical solutions on SciTechLibrary.com (htm)

Contents of the disk nanoworld 20021214 "A video-letter to Alexander Soroka"

1.5 Mb MPEG-4. Tracking bulges and nodes in sapphire resonating ball

0.2 Mb htm How to feel the resonance of the whispering gallery (MPEG-4,jpg,htm)

0.9 Mb htm Preparing the experiment for 15 GHz (jpg, htm)

18 Mb MPEG-4 Starting the measurements. Setting the "Bead structure cell" resonator

10 Mb MPEG-4 Finding resonance on the 15 GHz frequency

07 Mb MPEG-4 Positioning wave-guides. Frequency diapason 14.9 ... 15.1 GHz

24 Mb MPEG-4 Finding resonance on the 16 GHz frequency

28 Mb MPEG-4 Finding resonances "15" and "16" in the 14.5 ... 16.2 GHz diapason

108 Mb MPEG-4 Starting searching for resonances in the pomegranate engine 16.38 and 15.32

304 Mb MPEG-4 Archive video-record of the whole experiment preparation for 15 GHz

64 Mb adp(au) Archive preparation audio-record in the ADP (Cool Edit) standard...

60 Mb MPEG-4 (MPEG-4)How to install the resonator and the wave guides...

Contents of the nanoworld disk N6 Correspondence Alexander Soroka (cont-d) Georgiy Ivanov (cont-d) Anthony Martin (cont-d) Vladimir Zubov (cont-d) Dmitry Sazonov Immo Alexander Chepik (cont-d) Stas Kuznetsov (cont-d) Vladimir Potapov Dmitry Kozhevnikov (cont-d) Oleg Safonov (cont-d) Mikhail Vladimir Nikolaevich (DPR-72) Peter Vladimir Vladimir Andrey Yan Mathieu Olga Dore (cont-d) Energy saving - 2003 newphysics Zlata transfer lider Esteban Forum2 Nikolay Chavarga Alexander Vikoruk Timur Abdulov Oleg Bondarenko Vazeikin Alla Gudz' Andrey Basov Nikolai Ryabets A.A. Shabronov Konstantin (cont-d) Diamond instruments Lesha (prints V.A. Padin's manuscript) Vitaly Dugin Vasily Padin Svyaz'invest Vyacheslav Likhota Podoba A.V. Frolov Alexey Shershnev Evgeny Lepeshev Alexander Alexander Tratsevsky Prudnikov Y.M. Bubnov Vladimir Savukov Islam Asiful Andrey Pogoreltsev Zinovy Doctorovich Vladimir Korovin Yuri Ivanov Sergey Polischyuk (cont-d) Sergey Ivlev Kanat Valery Morozov Vladimir Kotenko (cont-d) Anatoly Poroshkov Dmtry Vasilievich (cont-d) Victor Katyuschik "Perpetuum mobile" Oleg Ivanov B.E. Bolshakov Alexander Polischyuk (cont-d0) Andrey Sobkalov Arthur Chubur Arthur Alexander Grebennikov (cont-d) Misha Zagorski (cont-d) Olga Alimpieva (cont-d) Further correspondence in chronological order New covers of Nanoworld encyclopedia Correspondence Tech arj CD catalog
20030101 A model of a microwave starship (htm, MPEG-1)
20030102 New Year composition with an ellipsoid (htm, MPEG-1)
20030102 Kushelev's anti-virus (htm)
20030102 Acoustic analogue of the chevron-type ether-supported engine (htm)
20030103 TV program "Younger and older than 16 " (htm, MPEG-1)
20030106 "Supportless motion?!-2" on SciTechLibrary.com (jpg, htm)
20030107 Vasily Belyaev, Alexander Tratsevskiy and others in the secret Nanoworld laboratory (jpg)
20030109 Back, from the future! (SF)
20030110 Stationarity and the nanoworld (Alexander Chepik)
20030111 "Supportless motion?!-3" on SciTecLibrary.com
20030112 22 Mb The Sun (from the NASA archive)
20030114 Calculations based on the UFO photos (original design) 2 3 4
20030115 Violet puzzle (original design)
20030116 American on the Moon (htm,jpg) Jumps 2.4 Mb (mpeg) Jumps 2.4 Mb (mpeg)
20030117 Kushelev's speeches on the SciTechLibrary.com forum
20030117 Kushelev's speeches on the SciTechLibrary.com forum (text only, one half)
20030117 Alexander Soroka's experiment (Kiev) (jpg,htm)
20030118 Field structure inside the pomegranate engine (jpg, htm)
20030119 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva. Zoo (jpg, htm)
20030120 Inter-republic meeting (jpg, htm)
20030120 Oleg Safonov's nanoworld site (jpg, htm)
20030120 Alexander Safonov's site (jpg, htm)
20030120 Oleg Safonov. 360 minute interview (mpeg-4,jpg, htm)
20030121 Geometry meaning of charge symmetry (jpg, htm)
20030121 Plankeons... (jpg, htm)
20030122 How to create a stone magnetron? (jpg, htm)
20030122 What, where and when did God create? (htm)
20030122 "Resonance of the four -1" on SciTechLibrary.com (jpg, htm) 2
20030123 Ether in physics (D. Goldhammer) (htm)
20030124 Controlled "Apollo's arrows"(htm)
20030127 Autonomic endoscope (htm)
20030127 Brockhaus and Effron. Curious engravings -1 (jpg, htm) 2 3 4 (jpg, htm)
20030130 Making an energy source for the impulse travelling tube (gif, htm)
20030208 Programs for creating models of electron envelopes of atoms (gif, htm)
20030209 Z-ornament (gif,jpg,htm)
20030210 The secret Nanoworld laboratory again (jpg,htm)
20030215 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (synthesizers) (jpg, htm)
20030219 Kushelev's speeches on the ERI forums (Inventions)-1 2
20030220 Unified world - unified biosphere laws (Alexander Vikoruk) (htm)
20030221 Alexander Vikoruk's article review (htm)
20030222 Review with Alexander Vikoruk's comments (htm)
20030222 Creating a resonator complect for the 34.000 GHz frequency (htm)
20030223 An interesting astronomy book (htm)
20030224 Laboratory, machines, Polischyuk, Lyuba... (jpg, htm)
20030225 Creating utilities (fixes, etc.) (htm)
20030226 Thin UFO structure on photos (jpg, htm)
20030226 Alexander Kushelev's birthday (jpg, htm)
20030226 Alexander Kushelev's birthday (jpg, htm)(video recording of Alexander Kushelev)
20030227 Human genome in Russia (htm)
20030228 Oruzheinaya palata. Ivan Kushelev's photos (jpg, htm)
20030228 Elementary mathematical mistakes in STO. Relative motion of solitons in light-bearing ether. N.N. Chavarga (htm)
20030228 Flash collection (swf, htm)
20030228 Machine for creating sapphire resonators (jpg, htm)
20030301 Scheme for octahedral reductor frame (jpg, htm)
20030301 An experiment in Kiev. Alexander Soroka (jpg, htm)
20030302 Kushelev's manuscripts (jpg)
20030302 Talents and geniuses for business (Andrey Basov) Site front page Site cover
20030303 Physical sense of electron's electric charge (htm)
20030303 Alexander Kushelev's interview (ERI editor, Andrey Grigoriev) (gif, htm)
20030305 Kushelev's moon program (jpg, htm)
20030306 UFO and modern UHF technology (jpg, htm)
20030307 Immortality on SciTecLibrary.com (jpg, htm)
20030307 Experiment. Alexander Soroka, Kiev (jpg, htm)
20030310 Machines, resonators and Lyuba -1 2 3
20030311 Cavitational electric heater with efficiency1000% (htm)
20030311 Physicists changed their ideas of protons (htm)
20030311 Technological cards for resonators (htm)
20030312 The dinosaurs are alive! (htm)
20030312 The Nanoworld laboratory moves... (jpg, htm)
20030315 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva. Beads, glasses (jpg, htm)
20030322 Alexander Nikonov, Sergey Zakharov, Alexander Tratsevsky (jpg)
20030322 Modeling microworld processes. Script for 3DS Max
20030323 Creating the second cell for 15 GHz (htm, jpg)
20030326 Creating a chevron for 15 GHz (htm, jpg)
20030330 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva. Aunt Lyuda (htm, jpg)
20030331 Physicists discuss the nanoworld -1 2 3 4 5 7 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20030401 A successful experiment by Alexander Soroka (Kiev) (htm, jpg)
20030401 Creating a sapphire fix (jpg,htm)
20030401 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (guests) (jpg,htm)
20030402 Discussing Alexander Soroka's experiment on the forums
20030402 Evaluating the visible Universe age
20030402 Creating a resonator complect for the 34.000 GHz frequency (cont-d) (htm)
20030404 Measuring the sapphire fix parameters (jpg, htm)
20030409 Measuring experiment by Alexander Kushelev (jpg, htm)
20030414 A book on nanoworld (p65, jpg, htm)
20030415 Calculating chevron-engine on the physics forums (jpg, htm)
20030416 Discovery of diffraction properties of the chevron-engine (jpg, htm)
20030419 The Nanoworld laboratory move continues -1 2
20030420 Visiting Valery Morozov (jpg, htm)
20030421 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva (opening the dacha season)-1 2 3 4 5 6
20030427 Discussing the educational aid "Three left hands " on the physics forum (htm)
20030428 A letter to the director of a war plant (htm)
20030429 Confidential correspondence Kushelev - Soroka (1 copy) (jpg, htm)
20030430 Measuring the parameters of sapphire fix for 15 GHz (jpg, htm)
20030505 Alternative energy sources on SciTecLibrary.com (htm)
20030506 How to defeat spam?-1 2
20030507 From the life of Lyuba Kusheleva-1 (May) 2 3 4 5 6
20030508 Microwave technology news (htm)
20030511 Electrons on conveyer (htm)
20030514 Phase grid of bee honeycombs (jpg, htm)
20030515 How the world was created-9 (htm) full text Full text
20030519 Honeycomb architecture (jpg, htm)
20030520 Creating an energy source and a modulator for LBV (wave travelling tube) (jpg, htm)
20030520 Planning powerful experiments in Moscow (htm)
20030522 Preparing scientific publications (jpg, htm)
20030522 A master of stonemasonry (jpg, htm)
20030527 Mobile proton synchrotron and circular collider (jpg, htm)
20030529 Confidential correspondence Kushelev - Soroka (jpg, htm)
20030602 Photon's space portrait (htm)
20030603 Electrodynamics. Some experiments -1 2 3
20030604 Philosophy, religion and TO
20030605 Machine for ball rolling (htm)
20030606 Thin structure of fractal energy source (jpg, htm)
20030609 U-like Ivanov's engine falls off from the race... (jpg, htm)
20030610 Ornament (jpg, htm)
20030613 Project 34. Acoustic signal neutralizer (htm)
20030614 Hydro-camera for starting the sapphire generator (jpg, htm)
20030615 Spectral auto-balancing of the sapphire generator (jpg, htm)
20030616 A measuring experiment (jpg, htm)
20030621 Program of an experiment in Moscow (jpg, htm)
20030622 Dependence of Ampere and Kulon strength difference on the angle between chevron's shoulders (jpg, htm)
20030625 Modeling bead structure (scripts for 3D-Max) (jpg, htm, txt)
20030627 Other forms of engines and energy sources (jpg, htm)
20030628 Energy source forms (jpg, htm)
20030629 EoEA - Exhibition of extraterrestrial accomplishments (jpg, htm)
20030630 Confidential correspondence Kushelev - Soroka (jpg, htm)
20030631 Council at a war plant (jpg, htm)
20030706 Wanna save money? - buy a second cell-phone... (jpg, htm)
20030706 Magnetic atom models (jpg, htm)
20030709 Why has not a thermal-nuclear reactor been created YET? (forum) (htm)
20030715 Polichevron engine with two degrees of freedom (gif, htm)
20030719 High temperature super-conduction and super-liquidness (htm)
20030723 How can one become happier? (htm)
20030726 360 days of starvation... who can stand it? (htm)
20030727 Other experiments in Kiev (htm)
20030728 Soul collector... multi-bio-expeditions (jpg, htm)
20030729 Burning hearts... (jpg, htm)
20030730 Confidential correspondence Kushelev-Soroka
20030731 Developing the theme "Supportless" (ether-supported) movement
20030801 Pintadera - UHF-fan (jpg, htm)
20030802 Crystal atom models (jpg, htm)
20030802 A nanoworld puzzle-1 2 (jpg, htm)
20030803 Radial-stopping ball-bearings for fitting sperical resonators (jpg, htm)
20030803 Metallic models of nuclei, atoms and molecules (jpg, htm)
20030803 Impedance plane properties' influence on cross-like Zvezdin vibrators' radiation (jpg, htm)
20030804 Nominal ball rows for ball-bearings (jpg, htm)
20030805 Second nanoworld puzzle (jpg, htm)
20030806 A puzzle for the Snowman from ... an extraterrestrial Snowman (jpg, htm)
20030807 A navigator on the subject"Supportless" (ether-supported) movement (htm)
20030809 Metallic models of the nanoworld, atoms, molecules and crystals (jpg, htm)
20030810 Magnetic toroidal-spherical constructor (jpg, htm)
20030811 The fifth commercial project of the Nanoworld laboratory (jpg, htm)
20030812 New technology for drying wood (35th project of the Nanoworld lab)
20030813 What could fixing a starship look like (jpg, htm)
20030814 Microwave engine "Snake wave" (avi, jpg, htm)
20030815 Navigator...Ether-supported movement - the most popular subject on the forums of SciTecLibrary.com
20030819 Diffraction dragonfly vision (avi, jpg, htm)
20030825 Approaches to the "microwave snake" theory (jpg, htm)
20030827 Snake movement modeling (jpg, htm)
20030830 Confidential correspondence Kushelev-Soroka
20030831 An extraterrestrial Chubais subsidizes microwave energetics and transportation (jpg, htm)

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Contents of the N7 disc "Year of the microwave snake" Selected covers of the 700 volumes of the Nanoworld encyclopedia Correspondence


	New covers of Nanoworld encyclopedia
	Correspondence 1 2 3 4 5 6 Snelson Chronology
	Club Nanoworld (new peoples)
20030901 Mechanical snake models (htm, MPEG)
20030902 Presenting the Nanoworld encyclopedia (Polischyuk S.E.) (ppt, htm)
20030909 Churches are models of extraterrestrial spaceships (Express newspaper N46 (408)) (htm)
20030912 Metrics of a microwave energy source (jpg, htm)
20030916 Amplitron for a running phase (jpg, htm)
20030918 Brass generator for a home microwave (jpg, htm)
20030923 Balls made from sitall and steel for the constructor (jpg, htm)
20030926 A measuring experiment on the 2.45 GHz frequency (jpg, htm)
20030927 Mass (serial) manufactring of sapphire (ruby) resonators (jpg, htm)
20030928 Magnetic balls, spheres, lenses... (jpg, htm)
20030929 Kushelev gear transmission (magnetic, rolling) (jpg, htm)
20030930 Comparing crop signs and conducting resonator forms (jpg, htm)
20030931 Seven iterations of creating a microwave engine (jpg, htm)
20030932 Planning experiments (jpg, htm)
20031001 The first powerful experiment with a brass resonator (jpg, htm)
20031002 Calculating a chevron made by Preon (jpg, htm)
20031003 A catalogue of sitall and steel balls for the magnetic constructor (jpg, htm)
20031004 Preparing a powerful experiment on the 2.45 GHz frequency (jpg, htm)
20031004 Diffraction dragonfly vision (gif, jpg, htm)
20031007 Miniature 2.45 GHz brass resonator (jpg, htm)
20031008 Idealized chevron (gif, htm)
20031011 Three UFO photos made by a digital camera (jpg, htm)
20031015 A new technology for manufacturing brass resonators (jpg, htm)
20031016 Scientists discovered the aliens' movement system (htm)
20031018 Perfecting the technology for manufacturing brass resonators (jpg, htm)
20031019 Spiral coordinate systems (jpg, htm)
20031020 Measuring the speed of light in one direction. Marinov. (jpg, htm)
20031021 Chevron engines pictures on "fast movement boots" (jpg, htm)
20031022 TV-program "Vremya" ... to invesst into nanoworld (jpg, htm)
20031023 Kushelev's music (mp3, htm)
20031029 A genius end of Relativity Theory (V.N. Matveev's materials)
20031030 Measuring the speed of light in one direction (htm)
20031031 Discussing gravitation mechanisms on the forums of SciTecLibrary
20031032 Alexander Soroka: 3 million dollars are necessary for creating microwave energetics
20031102 Is Relativity Theory compatible with the performance of the laseer hygroscope? (htm)
20031103 Has the RAN prize been given to a flase scientist? (jpg, htm)
20031104 Resonator forms in folk art (jpg, htm)
20031111 Two physicists (student newspaper "Bazarov")(jpg, htm)
20031112 Microwave light source with the Sun's specter (jpg, htm)
20031113 Color magnetic toroidal-spherical constructor (jpg, htm)
20031115 How to kill the president? (jpg, htm)
20031117 Kenneth Snelson (jpg, htm)
20031118 Generator's parameters for the 2.45 GHz experiment(jpg, htm)
20031119 Kenneth Snelson (site copy 2003)
20031120 Discussing Kenneth Snelson's discoveries on the forums of SciTecLibrary.com (jpg, htm)
20031123 Kenneth Snelson's Atom model (jpg, htm)
20031124 Generator for the 2.45 GHz experiment (jpg, htm)
20031125 The Leonardo of the nuclear age (jpg, htm)
20031127 L. Gordon checks the composition code table by A. Kushelev (jpg, htm)
20031130 What is an electron? (jpg, htm)
20031203 The De Broyl and Compton waves ratio (jpg, htm)
20031206 Experimental slowing of acoustic time (jpg, htm)
20031207 The 2.45 GHz measuring system (jpg, htm)
20031208 A powerful 34.0 GHz experiment is planned in Moscow (jpg, htm)
20031216 Preparing powerful 34.0 GHz and 2.45 GHz experiments (jpg, htm)
20031217 Georgiy Ivanov's experiments (jpg, htm)
20031218 Fractal fish wave engine (jpg, htm)
20031225 Y.N. Ivanov's experiment and G.P. Ivanov's theory (jpg, htm)
20031227 Creating an optical energy source becomes real (jpg, htm)
20031228 Vacuum dynamics and soliton elementary particles theory (O.G. Verin) (950 kb, pdf)
20031229 Acoustic analogue for Maikelson's experiment (gif, htm)
20031230 Snake movement theory (F.L. Chernousko ) (gif, htm)
20031231 What is written about Kushelev in the Internet? (jpg, htm)
20040102 Magnetic gears(jpg, gif, htm)
20040103 False science, plagiarism or crime? (jpg, htm)
20040104 Devices for registering a series of experiments (jpg, htm)
20040105 Попытка создания механической змеи (jpg, htm)
20040106 Юрий Николаевич Иванов в зимней лаборатории Наномир (jpg, htm)
20040106 Михаил Загорский в лаборатории Наномир (jpg, htm)
20040106 Олег Верин в мобильной лаборатории Наномир (jpg, htm)
20040107 Рождественский подарок от Кеннета Снельсона из Манхеттена (jpg, htm)
20040108 Формограмма - процессор событий (jpg, htm)
20040109 Изготовление стеклянных труб для змеиных экспериментов (jpg, htm)
20040110 Татьяна и Алексей в лаборатории Наномир (jpg, htm)
20040110 Эксперимент "Рыба-змея в стеклянной трубе" (mpeg, jpg, htm)
20040111 TV-программа "Времечко" (avi, gif, jpg, htm)
20040112 Что пишут о наномире в Internet (htm)
20040112 Создан новый источник энергии (Маркетинг и консалтинг) (jpg, htm)
20040112 На NASA подают в суд за сокрытие информации об инопланетянах (htm)
20040113 Потапов и его "Энергия вращения" (jpg, htm)
20040113 Шипов, Акимов и торсионные поля. (htm)
20040114 Американцы на Луне. Видеоролик из энциклопедии (avi, htm)
20040114 Старые и новые модели атома (avi, htm)
20040115 Измерительный эксперимент на 2.45 ГГц (jpg, htm)
20040116 Кеннет Снельсон (Kenneth Snelson) "Искусство или наука" (jpg, htm)
20040117 Эксперимент "Змея в стеклянных трубах" (avi, gif, jpg, htm)
20040122 Испытания микроволновых двигателей во Франции (jpg, htm)
20040122 Выступления Кушелева на форуме Гордона (htm)
20040122 Обновлённый сайт Г.П.Иванова (обложка) (htm)
20040122 Эфироопорное движение на конкурсе русских инноваций (N 330247 Г.П.Иванов)
20040122 На Луну за гелием-3 ? (htm)
20040123 Подготовка к докладу в институте Нанотехнология (gif, jpg, htm)
20040124 Один день из жизни Кушелевых и очередной эксперимент (jpg, htm)
20040125 Третий глаз миноги (дальнего предка человека) (jpg, htm)
20040126 Телефонограмма о подготовке эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц (jpg, htm)
20040127 Обсуждение наномира на форуме www.scientific.ru (htm)
20040129 Манипуляторы для "горячего" СВЧ-монтажа (jpg, htm)
20040130 Две школьные ошибки Эйнштейна (jpg, htm)
20040131 Чем отличаются лжеучёные от альтернативщиков? (jpg, htm)


Содержание диска N8 (видео) 1992 - 2004 гг. "Установка драйвера MPEG-4" 2 min, 16 Mb "Времечко" (TV-передача) текст передачи 3 min, 60 Mb "Время" (TV-передача) текст передачи 10 min, 80 Mb "Технодром" (TV-передача) 20 min, 120 Mb "Путешествие в наномир-2" (Энергия) Центрнаучфильм 19 min, 118 Mb "Путешествие в наномир-1" (Атомная геометрия) Центрнаучфильм Выставка "умелые руки" 2 min Летающий волчок 2 min Американская тарелка 2 min UFO над Мексикой 2 min 15 Mb Каламаихт - рыба-"змея" 2 min 26 Mb Змея поднимается по стеклянной трубе Развлекательные музыкальные заставки 2.27 min Большая композиция (модели под музыку) 2 min Новогодняя композиция (модели под музыку) 20 Mb Модель микроволнового звездолета 17 Mb Новогодняя композиция с эллипсоидом 230 Mb Музыка молекул / Music of molecules (2 серии по 15 мин, English) Азбука пикотехнологии (Подробности от Кушелева) 5 min Формы простых и сложных молекул 4 min Формы аминокислот 2 min Альфа-, бета- и кси-структура белка 1 min Белок, построенный по генетическому коду 2 min Механизм рибосомы 2 min Дуальные модели Дачные фотки Сорержание диска N9 (видео) Змея и рыба в стеклянных трубах 2004г - январь На этом диске содержатся видеозаписи (исходники) серии экспериментов со змеёй (молочная синолойская) и рыбой-"змеёй" (каламаихт). Из исходников вырезаны только неинформативные участки, где змея не попадает в кадр. 63 Mb (MPEG-1) - Движение рыбы-"змеи" (каламаихт). Обратите внимание на синхронное вдижение рыбы и пузырей воздуха 96 Mb (MPEG-4) - Движение вперёд и назад по стеклянной трубе. Выход из трубы наружу. Быстрое движение по полу и по шерстяному одеялу 3 Mb (MPEG-2) - Движение с большим ускорением по стеклянной трубе (выдувание потоком воздуха) 25 Mb (MPEG-2) - Быстрое движение вперёд и медленное (по принципу червя) движение назад в частично заполненной водой стеклянной трубе 115 Mb (MPEG-1) - Частичное заполнение трубы водой. Психология змеи: вперёд или назад? 36 Mb (MPEG-1) - Полный круг "вперёд" по стеклянной извилистой замкнутой трубе 30 Mb (MPEG-4) - Запускание змеи в стеклянную трубу. Завязывание змеи в узел и проползание тела змеи сквозь узел без развязывания 19 Mb (MPEG-1) - Нюансы движения по стеклянной трубе "вперёд" и "назад" (крупный план) 141 Mb (MPEG-1) - Горизонатальное и вертикальное движение змеи вверх по стеклянной извилистой трубе 72 Mb (MPEG-1) - Выползание из трубы на волю 26 Mb (MPEG-2) - Движение змеи вверх по стеклянной извилистой трубе Содержание диска N10 "Возрождение классической науки" февраль 2004

	Новые обложки энциклопедии Наномир
	Переписка / Correspondence 1 2 3 4 5
	Клуб Наномир

20040200 Обсуждение-2 наномира на форумах (3 мегабайта нового текста)
20040207 Школьные ошибки Эйнштейна. Энергия "покоя" (htm)
20040212 Телефонограмма о подготовке эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц. (mp3, adp)
20040213 Очевидное и невероятное в теорфизике (Юрий Обухов и Игорь Захарченко)
20040214 Эфир (В.П.Дмитриев)
20040215 Вы шутите, господин Фейнман? (htm)
20040219 Как ловить радиостанции под водой и деньги вилкой? (jpg, htm)
20040221 Пора рассекречивать "секретные материалы..." (jpg, htm)
20040222 Наномир в картинках в России и за рубежом (jpg, htm)
20040223 Иконы... (jpg, htm)
20040224 Мобильник от дяди Вани (Nokia, Simens, Ericson, Motorola...?)
20040225 Планирование книг по теме Наномир (Татьяна Кушелева)
20040225 Техническое обоснование проекта "Наномир" (htm)
20040226 Телефонограмма о подготовке эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц. (mp3, adp)
20040226 День рождения Александра Кушелева (jpg, htm)
20040228 Положительные и отрицательные импульсы продольных и поперечных волн (jpg, htm)
20040228 Вечер встречи АВТФ-МЭИ 78-84 (mpg, jpg, htm)
20040229 Расчёт отклонения луча света в гравитационном поле Солнца по Гюйгенсу (gif, htm)
20040302 Телефонограмма о подготовке эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц. (mp3, adp)
20040303 Волноводный тракт для мощного эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц. (jpg, htm)
20040303 Доклад Кушелева руководству московского завода (jpg, adp, htm)
20040303 Программа проведения эксперимента на 34.0 ГГц. (jpg, htm)
20040304 Кольцевая модель электрона объясняет опыт Штерна-Герлаха (jpg, htm)
20040307 Аналоговое моделирование опыта Штерна-Герлаха (gif, jpg, htm)
20040311 Магнитный конструктор "шар-труба" (jpg, htm)
20040313 Подготовка к мощному эксперименту на 34.0 ГГц (jpg, htm)
20040318 Коллекция Flash-анимаций (swf, jpg, htm)
20040319 Шаляпин А.Л. и его достижения (htm)
20040320 Судьба новых взглядов в науке (htm)
20040321 Дмитрий Кожевников, Kenneth Snelson, Александр Кушелев (jpg, htm)
20040326 8 экспериментов по оценке абсолютной скорости Солнца (jpg, htm) wesley.pdf
20040325 Твёрдый эфир и самофокусирующийся фотон А.Шпильмана (jpg, htm)
20040327 Подготовка эксперимента на 2.45 ГГц (jpg, htm)
20040329 Дмитрий Кожевников и Дмитрий (Метриус / Metrius) (jpg, htm)
20040402 Александр Кушелев в гостях у мамы и у школьного друга (jpg, htm)
20040404 Flash-модели. Дмитрий (Метриус / Metrius) (jpg, htm)
20040407 Кольца Ньютона и спирали... (jpg, htm)
20040410 Нюансы опыта Штерна-Герлаха (jpg, htm)
20040411 Гости в лаборатории Наномир (jpg, htm)
20040412 Механика электрического и магнитного полей (jpg, htm)
20040413 Эксперимент Маринова-Кушелева (jpg, htm)
20040414 Увеличьте звездную аберрацию до 41 град. и увидите ложность ТО (jpg, htm)
20040415 Обсуждение безопасности эксперимента (34.0 ГГц) на московском заводе (jpg, htm)
20040421 Видеохроника "следы на полях" (avi, jpg, htm)
20040427 Модель четырёхатомной молекулы кислорода O4 (jpg, htm)
20040428 Модель кварка с осью симметрии 16-го порядка (gif, htm)
20040429 Инопланетная загадка (jpg, htm)
20040430 Структура молекулы позитрония (jpg, htm)
20040511 Митрофанов, Иванов, Кушелев. Схема эксперимента (jpg, htm)
20040512 Наномир в картинках (jpg, htm)
20040514 Начало численного моделирования микроволновых двигателей (jpg, htm)
20040515 Дифференциальное уравнение, описывающее движение змеи (Г.П.Иванов. Литва) (jpg, htm)
20040516 Продолжение создания теории "микроволновой змеи" (jpg, htm)
20040517 Подготовка к мощному эксперименту на 2.45 ГГц (jpg, htm)
20040518 Телефонограмма с московского завода (jpg, htm)
20040519 Структура молекулы позитрония Ps2 Спектры
20040520 Строении электронных оболочек атома (С.А. Щербаков и др.) (pdf) (htm)
20040523 Модели электронных оболочек железа и металлоорганических соединений
20040524 18-гранная оболочка в комплексе ферроцена...
20040525 Пикотехнологическая модель орто-карборана
20040526 Экспериментальное подтверждение многогранной формы атома
20040527 Криволинейный шеврон
20040528 Дианионный комплекс [(С2В9Н11)2Fe]2-
20040615 Кушелевы упрощения Лоренцевых сокращений (htm)
20040617 Телефонограмма с московского завода (adp, htm)
20040620 Философские правила Кушелева (htm)
20040621 Создание 3D-Max скрипта "Пикотехнология"
20040623 Модель одноцепочечной ДНК, АСС-конца т-РНК, коплекса ACC-Gly
20040624 "Триумф" "святой" "науки"
20040625 Парадокс Кушелева - "убить" ТО одним мезоном.
20040628 Аберрационно-спектральный абсолютный спидометр Кушелева
20040702 Телефонограммы об экспериментах на 34.0 и 2.45 ГГц
20040704 Flash-модели. Перспектива. Дмитрий (Метриус / Metrius) (jpg, htm)
20040707 Кушелевы упрощения Лоренцевых сокращений. Flash-ролик (htm)
20040709 Номинальный ряд сапфировых генераторов к запуску!
20040716 Микроволновый источник энергии с защитой от "короткого замыкания"
20040717 Два отражения реального мира (htm, jpg)
20040718 В международный конкурс Наномир вовлекаются новые участники (htm, jpg)
20040719 Телефонограмма об изменении диапазона с 34.0 ГГц на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040726 Параметры бисерной структуры (htm, gif)
20040727 Измерительный эксперимент на 13.7 ГГц (htm, jpg)
20040727 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040807 Включение поиска граничных условий в решение системы уравнений (htm)
20040813 Принцип действия механизма и механизм принципа... (htm)
20040816 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040820 Кольцевые модели электронов из Internet (htm)
20040821 Орнаменты "свастика и другие" (gif)
20040825 Сборка сапфирового генератора и гидрокамеры на 13.7 ГГц (htm, jpg, mpg)
20040826 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040829 Гипотеза структуры пространства (Шипицин, Живодеров, Горбич) (htm)
20040830 Коллекция моделей кристаллического эфира (htm)
20040831 Создание 3D-Max скрипта "Пикотехнология"
20040904 Пришельцы... (jpg, htm)
20040905 Распространение волн (jpg, htm)
20040906 Выставка Наномир в Италии (Д.Н. Кожевников) (jpg, htm)
20040906 Итальянская готика (Д.Н. Кожевников) (jpg, htm)
20040910 Часто используемые ссылки
20040913 Орнаменты (арабески) (bmp, htm)
20040914 Орнаменты (паркет) (jpg, htm)
20040914 Орнаменты (паркет) (jpg, htm)
20040915 Орнаменты (рамки, розетки) (jpg, htm)
20040915 Орнаменты (Буквица) (jpg, htm)
20040916 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040916 Закон Кушелева (htm)
20040917 Подготовка к запуску алюминиевого генератора (jpg, htm)
20040918 Пикотехнология. Программа-скрипт (script) для 3D Studio (avi, gif, ms, htm)
20040919 Изготовление электрофорной машины для запуска алюминиевого генератора (jpg, htm)
20040921 Прицелочные эксперименты с проводящими резонаторами (jpg, htm)
20040922 Механизм взаимодействия одноатомных молекул (mpeg4, jpg, htm)
20040926 Эксперимент по запуску медного генератора (jpg, htm)
20040927 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20040928 СВЧ-устройство создает долгоживущую шаровую молнию (htm)
20040929 Прецизионная технология, которой больше 2700 лет (jpg, htm)
20041001 Орнаменты (арабески) (bmp, htm)
20041002 Изображения микроволновых источников энергии и двигателей (jpg, htm)
20041003 Что может дать пришельцам человечество (jpg, htm)
20041010 Популярно о наномире (adp, htm)
20041012 Телефонограмма о сроках проведения эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20041017 Континуальный электрический заряд (jpg, htm)
20041027 Модели кварков и нуклонов. Скрипт для 3D Studio (jpg, htm)
20041028 Ссылки на все тексты энциклопедии Наномир (jpg, htm)
20041028 References to all texts of Nanoworld Encyclopedia (jpg, htm)
20041029 Независимое открытие механизма гравитации (Валентин Подвысоцкий) (jpg, htm)
20041029 Список независимо повторенных открытий Александра Кушелева (jpg, htm)
20041031 Телефонограмма о проведении измерительного эксперимента на 13.7 ГГц (htm, adp)
20041101 Проекционный мобильный телевизор "Пирсинг". Проект N36 (jpg, htm)
20041103 Передача сапфирового генератора на московский завод (adp, htm)
20041107 Причина устойчивости атома. Классическая модель (htm)
20041108 Расчёт криволинейного шеврона от Saulius (htm)
20041110 Таблица оценок силы тяги шеврона (htm)
20041112 "Вечный" космический двигатель разрабатывают в подмосковном НИИ (htm)
20041113 Двойной юбилей Александра Кушелева (jpg,htm)
20041113 Разработка экологически чистых микроволновых источников энергии (jpg,htm)
20041115 Телефонограмма с московского завода. Измерения (htm, adp)
20041117 Михаил Тротт, Стевен Фольфрам / Michael Trott, Stepben Wolfram (htm, jpg)
20041117 Александр Никонов в лаб. Наномир (htm, jpg)
20041118 Цветная звёздная аберрация - терминатор принципа относительности (htm, jpg)
20041119 Кварки. Что бы это значило?.. (htm, jpg)
20041120 Моделирование шеврона в условиях близких к боевым... (htm, jpg)
20041120 Опыт Штерна-Герлаха обсуждать запрещаю. Вы - не физик! (htm, jpg)
20041120 Где кончается физика... (htm, jpg)
20041120 Модели кристаллоподобного эфира (htm, jpg)
20041130 Обсуждение и Новые идеи...


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